Big Bend National Park – little places

Time-lapse clips from my recent trip:

~ by c.a. church on October 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “Big Bend National Park – little places”

  1. nice, and verrryy smoooth too.

  2. Very nice! Well done!
    Are you pleased?

  3. Thanks Nick and Marcel! Yeah, I’m fairly happy with it – that is, I’m good with the motion and such, but I wasn’t happy that these were the best subjects I could get from a 5-day trip.

    There’s always next time =)


  4. I like very much. the ruins and canyon/cloud the best. is that del carmens in background? not sure what you were looking for, but the not usual vantage points in park make it more universal. Music was appropriate. good job

  5. hey, something occurred to me. How are you powering it? I’m looking into batteries atm, not sure what my best option is. The easiest would be to buy an arduino pro which runs at 3.3v, which seems to be the power most rechargeable batteries run at. But it only runs at 8mz… hmmmmm

  6. Sleepy, that would the Sierra Del Caballo Muerto in the background, the scene with the hills/Clouds is the Telephone Canyon Trail. The only mountains to make it in the shots are the SDCM, McKinney Hills, Alto Relex, and Juniper Canyon (S.E. Rim of the Chisos).

    Nick, I use a 12V SLA battery, and run both the unit and the camera off that battery at the same time. (I have a DC->DC step-down converter for the camera.) I have an 8Ah battery and two smaller 5Ah batteries. I put them in project boxes, add a standard DC female port and use a fuse to make sure any shorts don’t kill the battery. I suggest going with 12V, as you can run the arduino off 12V, and it gives you enough leg-room for the steppers. Get some 6V steppers and run ’em at 12V via the easydrivers, and then you can take advantage of the chopping function to drive them more efficiently. Generally, I like to use as much power as I can get away with, so everything is just a matter of regulating down when necessary, and never need two sources. The SLA batteries are also quite cheap, if not heavy, compared to NiCADs and NiMHs.


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