RAM Mount for the Triton 2000 in a Jeep JK

This Christmas I got a wonderful gift from my mother: a Magellan Triton 2000. She knows how much I love to kayak, and how I’d been having some problems with my, erm, ancient Magellan 315. To say the least, lacking background maps can be problematic when you’ve routed a course through a large marsh, are completely surrounded by grass about 3′ higher than your line of site, and just realized that satellite photo you based your route on is way out of date. Which of the five, two-foot wide paths you’ve just intersected with will take you back to a bay? Of course, this unit isn’t without its issues, that prevent me from making great use of it, but I presume they will be worked out in time.

Of course, finding backwater cabins when kayaking isn’t the only thing a GPS is useful for as we all know… Mapping out trails while off-roading (You’d be surprised how lost you can get!), tracking a week-long trip through Big Bend, or just pointing the way to some dive bar a friend told you about, a GPS is certainly useful too. I’m not the kind to get one GPS for the vehicle and another for the trail, so it was time to mount the Triton inside of my Jeep JK.

I like my gear to be compatible, so when I heard that RAM had come out with a cradle for the Triton 2000, I jumped to buy one. Now, I can simply take the arm and cradle off after getting to my launch, and just re-install on the marine mount on the ‘yak. Between the waterproof GPS and the universal RAM mount – this whole operation takes about 15 seconds.

The mount was purchased at expressmounts.com for about $25, and included everything but screws. I did opt to pay $2 for some “super 3M adhesive”, but I wouldn’t do it again – it held tight for about three days, until the weather got above seventy and the black plastic of the dash got to expanding.

So, all the hemming and hawwing out of the way, I just put three steel screws into it, and got a perfect hold.

Here are pictures of the set-up:

Universal Marine Mount:

The cradle has a roller at the top that makes it easier to clip the Triton in (no other moving parts)

This is a perfect location for the Triton for visibility. Having put it in the Daystar dash panel before meant that not only did it slide out and fly around when crawling over rocks, but I had to pick it up with my hand to read it.

Out of the way of all other accessories and easy to access

~ by c.a. church on April 27, 2008.

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